Bible Study

This ministry offers an online Bible study and more intimate support group called “Perfect Joy.”  This study is designed and taught using the Scriptures as our study guide.  Each Monday, we will post a simple devotional, with the intent of encouraging, exhorting, and helping you heal.  Each Thursday, we will post a Bible study.  These are written by Melissa and Holly, using the absolute truth of Scripture to address topics that are applicable to infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, and other early infant death.  These studies will be linked to a private forum support group at  You must be “approved” to join this group, by clicking on the “join group” button.  We want a safe and secure place for you to share your frustrations, grief, pain, as well as your healing.

You are not be required to DO anything.  Your level of involvement will be completely up to you.  We will try to encourage you to grow as you work through your heartbreak and loss.  We do not want to complicate your life.  We desire to help you discover the freedom that is promised in God’s Word, which will allow you to live a victorious and joyful life.  We will encourage you to participate in discussions and answer questions on the private forum, as you feel led.  However, you are welcome to just come, read the posts and be renewed.

If you are interested in joining this group, please send us an email at  We will send you some basic information sheets to complete and the directions on how to join the private forum support group.

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