“Joy Bundles”

To request a joy bundle, visit our main website at www.perfectjoyministries.com and click on “Joy Bundles.”


Donate here: https://perfectjoyministries.wordpress.com/donations/


These joy bundles include many small tokens of love and remembrance to provide tangibility to the short, yet very significant, life of a little one.  Each item is hand-chosen and sent from Perfect Joy Ministries’ angel parents, with love and prayers, to other parents of angels.  We provide these bundles to grieving parents at no charge (within the U.S. – small fee outside of U.S.). If you would like to donation to help provide these bundles, visit:


These beautiful hats are handmade with love from women all over the country, and are provided at no charge to grieving parents.  If you are interested in making hats for Perfect Joy Ministries, you may send them to our mailing address:
PO Box 445, Apalachin, NY 13732
The “centerpiece” of the Joy Bundle is the handmade hat. We will use the age of your angel to match a perfect hat. This will allow you to see the approximate size that your little one was, and give you something tangible to remember him/her by. These hats are pictured along-side the model of a 12 week, 1st trimester baby. (bottom right)  As you can see, we have hats for babies from early first trimester and up. If you need a hat that is larger than newborn, one of our precious ladies will make one for you. You may request a hat for each of your angel babies. (selection varies) For babies 20 weeks and under, we will also include a blanket, based on availability.
A huge thank you to the ladies who make our hats on a regular basis! We couldn’t do this ministry without you!!
This symbolic gift is accompanied by this small and encouraging quote. 
Size of puzzle piece is approximately 1 1/2″ – 2″ – Just like your little angel, no two are the same.
These beautiful full-color keepsakes are wonderful reminders that this precious child is precious and his or her life has worth.  The “precious feet” lapel pin is the exact size and shape of a 10-week unborn baby’s feet (included in bundles for babies up to 20 weeks gestation).  The brochure, sticker and love letter are tangible reminders of the beauty of a life – no matter how small. Brochures may vary.
Every baby needs a stuffed friend. 
These ones carry a special reminder that our Heavenly Father is only a prayer away.

A simple package of tissues is a reminder that it is okay to grieve.  Tears are freeing. 

The bundle also includes small charms, magnets, and other special donated gifts. These items will vary based on availability.


4 thoughts on ““Joy Bundles”

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  2. I would like to get one of these for our daughter violet who passed due to hlhs and cardiac arrest at 2 months old please and thank

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